Welcome to the Hollow

The pack is located in the northern most part of Glacier National Park, in a remote location known as Goat Haunt though the pack refers to their territory simply as "The Hollow." Where the Montana and Canadian boarders meet, is where our territory sets. It is on private property, purchased by a group of researchers to preserve the landscape and the animals within. Access to the area by visitors is strictly prohibited.

This wild, untamed land is ruthless in nature and a sight to behold. Terrains that vary from the fruitful woods and forests to the barren badlands and ice plains. Winter spands From the end of November well into March, Spring comes quickly around April but only lasts a short two months. June through August are the warmest months of the year as summer comes around, but the tides turn to cold quickly during September and back into winter come the end of November.

I will be your guide through the territory as we explore the various areas in more detail. Stay close though, Kazmarez and Saigh would put -me- in the cache if I let a newcommer get lost along the way!! Lets go!

The Hollows

The pack migrates between a summer and winter location, both suited for the needs of the season. Each location has its own unique elements though they both serve as a "home base" for the pack.

The pack begins their winter migration from the Sumemer Hollow to the Winter Hollow between August and October, usually before the first snowfall. When the land begins to warm and the snow begins to melt between April and May, the pack returns to the Summer Hollow.

Summer Hollow

The Hollow

A large, open expance of land just at the base of the mountains to the north serves as the packs summer home. Though the area is open, there are many boulders etched into the earth from years of travel down the mountainside that serve as both shade and hiding places for young pups who may need to hide from prowling, or flying threats. Tall grasses and wildflowers bloom in excess here and while despite the rising temperatures, the overlooking mountaintops keep the Summer Hollow well shaded and relatively cool.

Event Area

The Summer Hollow Event area is located flush against the mountainside where a glacier carved a shallow cavern into the rocks, Creating a sort of amplifier. Wolves gather here for meetings, lorenights and other public events. The wide, open area of stone faced earth provides plenty of space for wolves to gather in large numbers with a few large boulders and rocks that fell from the cliffside years ago and embeded themselves at the base serve as a perch for the ranking wolves to address the pack.


East of the event area, a tunnel leads to the nursery, a cave rock formation used as the pack nursery. It is custom in Kladd`atir for pups to be raised together, allowing them to establish strong family ties from a very early age. This nursery is open to all parents to share with their young and is large enough to provide ample room for growing pups until they are old enough to establish a densite of their own. There are a few other conjoining tunnels, primarily used as possible escape routes if need be, both stretch for miles, one leading through to the Glacial Plains and the other exiting just beyond the Badlands border.


Southwest of the Summer hollow is the lakeside, here the lakeside is composed of soft granulated mud and earth, compacted like a sort of muddy beach. The water here is shallow, a wolf could walk nearly a mile out into the lake without ever getting its belly wet, making for a fun, safe place for the pups to play and the whole pack to cool off in the summer. It also provides ample fishing as many different species of Trout survive in this part of the lake. The lake also provides other hunting oppertunity in the form of otters and amphibians.


The cache is located at the far West end of the Summer Hollow. The nearby chill of the icy waters from the falls keeps the rocks here cool despite rising temperatures allowing for food to be stored and last for longer periods of time. The den had been carved out many years ago by glacial ice, leaving a perfect indention in the rockface, the stone walls make mantaing the cleanliness of the den much easier then loose earth.


The packs primary hunting grounds, save for the rare trip up the mountainside. The woods are dark due to their overhead treetop cover despite the trees that grow spaciously appart. The floor is litered with foliage, berry producing bushes, the occasional patch of grass or flowers as well as twigs, leaves and nuts from the trees above. This attracts many of the packs favorite prey items, though footing can be hard to find while running due to scattered fallen limbs and tree trunks.

Winter Hollow


The Territory

The Sumit

The looming mountain tops that frame the northern edge edge of the territory are home to many of the smaller glaciers, whos run off feeds the waterfalls which eventually end up in the lake below. These glaciers have also carved away caves and tunnels over millions of years as well as passess and valleys. The pack will often turn to the Summit for shelter in times of deep snow or as a quick escape route from the summer hollow. This mountain gives off a cool shade in the summer, helping to keep the summer hollow a comfortable temperature.

Mountain Falls

A staple of the packs territory are the falls that come from the North Mountainand feed the lake below as the mountain snow turns to water and the runoff cascades down the mountainside. the roar of the falls can be heard from anywhere in the packs territory. At the base of the falls, the rocks have been worn flat by years of erosion. A well balanced wolf could easily get close, but this is no place for pups.


The pack's entire territory is dependant on the lake that sets directly in the center, fed by the falls that rush snowmelt down from the mountainside. The lake is always a bit chilly year around given its source but provides ample fishing and plays host to a number of amphibians. The lake shore varies at different points around the Lake, from stones, to finely granulated sand and mudd and mixes of the two here and there.

Beyond our Territory


The glaciers form the farthest reach of the packs travels. Huge ice shelves with glacial mountain peaks in the distance create a trying enviornment for any creature. Even in summer this area is covered in snow and ice. The pack even very rarely ever ventures this far north.

Ice Plains

The northwest area beyond the forest where the pack's territory ends contains a large open space of bare rock skeleton, revealed by the receeding glaciers. The earth here is still frozen solid and only scarse bits of foliage manage to servive and even fewer animals. This barren land of snow, rock and ice is dangerous and rarely traveled unless in the most dire of situations.


- Aubesque leads a hunt with Vesa, Trystian, Isi, and Azrael. A Elk Cow is targeted with Aubesque landing the killing blow!

- Aubesque leads a hunt with Vesa, Trystian, Isi, and Azrael. A Elk Cow is targeted with Azrael landing the killing blow!

- Azrael leads a hunt with Aster and Gideon. A Young Deer is targeted with Azrael landing the killing blow!

- Vesa leads a defensive engagement with Aubesque, Pendra, Trystian, and Juniper against a Young Coyote. Pendra landed the chasing blow!

- Aubesque leads a hunt with Keiran, Soleil, Isi, Trystian, Azrael, Asmund, and Aquilo. A Young Caribou is targeted with Azrael landing the killing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Soleil, Aubesque, Isi, Azrael, and Vesa. A Old Bison is targeted with Soleil landing the killing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Tahir, Vesa, Isi, Catori, and Teine. A Young Elk is targeted with Teine landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran against a Fox. Tahir landed the chasing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Zephania, Vesa, Catori, and Pendra. A Young Moose is targeted with Vesa landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran, Azrael, and Catori against a Adult Lynx. Keiran landed the chasing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Azrael, Catori, and Tahir. A Elk is targeted with Azrael landing the killing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Tahir and Vesa. A Young Deer is targeted with Vesa landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran, Aubesque, Vesa, and Azrael against a Young Lynx. Aubesque landed the chasing blow!

- Aubesque leads a hunt with Trystian and Azrael. A Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is targeted with Trystian landing the killing blow!

- Rhuna leads a defensive engagement with Azrael against a Fox. Azrael landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran, Rhuna, and Azrael against a Cougar. Keiran landed the chasing blow!

- Aubesque leads a hunt with Vesa, Keiran, Skydancer, Azrael, and Tahir. A Elk is targeted with Tahir landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Aubesque, Skydancer, Tahir, and Azrael. A Moose Fawn is targeted with Aubesque landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran, Vesa, Azrael, and Trystian against a Adult Coyote. Tahir landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran against a Badger. Tahir landed the chasing blow!

- Rhuna leads a defensive engagement with Azrael against a Young Lynx. Azrael landed the chasing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Tahir, Trystian, and Azrael. A Bison Calf is targeted with Trystian landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a hunt with Keiran. A Deer Fawn is targeted with Keiran landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran, Juniper, and Trystian against a Fox. Keiran landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran against a Badger. Keiran landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran against a Fox. Keiran landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran, Rhuna, Maikoh, Aubesque, and Aithusa against a Young Lynx. Aithusa landed the chasing blow!

- Aubesque leads a hunt with Keiran, Maikoh, Tahir, Naledi, Aithusa, and Azrael. A Reindeer is targeted with Maikoh landing the killing blow!

- Aubesque and Azrael host the packs 44th meeting!
- Aubesque wins the 3rd Pack Sparring Tournament featuring Aubesque, Azrael, Keiran, Maikoh, Rhuna, and Tahir with Aubesque and Azrael as referees
- Aubesque is named Featured Member!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran and Vesa against a Fox. Vesa landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran and Vesa against a Fox. Tahir landed the chasing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Tahir, Thelu, and Azrael. A Buck is targeted with Tahir landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with against a Fox. Tahir landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran against a Fox. Keiran landed the chasing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Keiran, Vesa, and Trystian against a Young Coyote. Tahir landed the chasing blow!

- Kazmarez, Azrael, Aubesque, and Vesa host the packs 53rd meeting!
- New Guardian System introduced
- Updating bios addressed
- Tahir reveals details on upcoming pack game
- Saigh's passing is mourned as a pack
- Aubesque and Azrael are initiated as the pack's Alphas
- Kazmarez steps down to Palain
- Kazmarez and Vesa are bonded as Adoptive Father and Daughter
- Pendra is promoted to Pup
- Kogan promoted to Assessment
- Tahir is named featured wolf!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Tahir, Thelu, Vesa, and Azrael. A Young Moose is targeted with Vesa landing the killing blow!

- Tahir leads a defensive engagement with Thelu, Vesa, Juniper, and Azrael against a Adult Lynx. Tahir landed the chasing blow!

- Saigh Vae Atradico, former Alpha female of Kladd`atir, has passed away. The pack mourns the loss of it's elder leader

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Lilac, Vesa, Keiran, Thelu, Tahir, and Leilani. A Old Bison is targeted with Thelu landing the killing blow!

- Azrael, Aubesque, and Vesa host the packs 52nd meeting!
- Unrealistic photo edits addressed
- Final round of activity-based derankings addressed
- Vesa and Agro's Mateship is dissolved
- Tahir and Leilani's Mateship is dissolved
- Tahir and Keiran are bonded as Adoptive Father and Son
- Thelu promoted to Auditioning Hunter!
- Pendra is promoted to Assessment
- Vesa is named featured wolf!

- Vesa leads a hunt with Azrael, Tahir, Lilac, Keiran, Thelu, Leilani, and Arlo. A Reindeer is targeted with Thelu landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Keiran, Juniper, Tahir, Leilani, Lilac, and Thelu. A Moose Cow is targeted with Keiran landing the killing blow!

- Azrael and Aubesque host the packs 51st meeting!
- Inactivity de-ranking will start to be enforced
- LOA only if gone completely for more than a week
- Thelu is welcomed into the pack as a full member!
- Lilac promoted to Hunter!
- Rhuna promoted to Auditioning Sentinel!
- Thelu is named featured wolf!
- Many wolves removed or placed as missing

- Keiran leads a hunt with Lilac, Tahir, and Leilani. A Young Bison is targeted with Lilac landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Aubesque, Juniper, Keiran, Azrael, and Tahir. A Old Elk is targeted with Aubesque landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez and Vesa host the packs 50th meeting!
- "Check-in" no longer valid via Facebook
- Hybrid ranks now active
- Deranking enforcement on LOA wolves reviewed
- Azrael and Aubesque named Heirs Apparent!
- Azrael and Aubesque become mates!
- Aquilo and Aithusa's pups introduced to pack!
- Juniper and Azrael promoted to Caretaker!
- Rhuna promoted to Guardian!
- Keiran promoted to Hunter!
- Keiran is named Featured Wolf!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Leilani, Keiran, Tahir, Juniper, Lilac, and Azrael. A Young Moose is targeted with Tahir landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Tahir, Keiran, Rhuna, Leilani, Juniper, and Lilac. A Caribou is targeted with Leilani landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez hosts the packs 49th meeting!
- Council moved to advisory roles
- Removal of Reserve rank
- Addition of Hybrid ranks
- New hunting modifiers based on experience
- Announcement of Scenario/Mini-plots
- Aquilo and Aithusa pups announced!
- Rivarian pups now adults!
- Aquilo and Tahir promoted to Gamma!
- Rhuna and Trystian become Courts!
- Aubesque promoted to Hunter!
- Lily promoted to auditioning Hunter!
- Juniper promoted to auditioning Caretaker!
- Chisu and Maikoh promoted to Assessment!
- Rhuna is named Featured Wolf!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Lilac, Tahir, Chisu, and Leilani. A Moose Fawn is targeted with Leilani landing the killing blow!

- Keiran leads a hunt with Tahir, Aquilo, and Juniper. A Deer is targeted with Keiran landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Juniper, Aubesque, and Azrael. A Bighorn Sheep is targeted with Azrael landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez hosts the packs 48th meeting!
- Keiran is promoted to Auditioning Hunter!
- Rhuna is promoted to Auditioning Guardian!
- Keiran is named Featured Wolf!

- Aubesque leads a hunt with Keiran, Tahir, Azrael, Aquilo, and Leilani. A Young Elk is targeted with Aubesque landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Keiran and Usha. A Bighorn Sheep is targeted with Keiran landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez and Vesa host the packs 47th meeting!
- Aubesque and Azrael become courts!
- Aubesque is promoted to Auditioning Hunter!
- Azrael is promoted to Auditioning Caretaker!
- Keiran is promoted to Member!
- Kazmarez is named Featured Wolf!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Azrael, Keiran, and Tahir. A Elk Fawn is targeted with Tahir landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Tahir, Azrael, and Keiran. A Bison Calf is targeted with Aquilo landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez host the packs 46th meeting!
- Leilani and Tahir become mates!
- Leilani is promoted to Mentor!
- Keiran and Zephania begin assessment!
- Leilani is named Featured Wolf!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Azrael, Aubesque, and Tahir. A Buck is targeted with Azrael landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez host the packs 45th meeting!
- Aubesque is promoted to Member!
- Rhuna is promoted to Member!
- Tahir is named Featured Wolf!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Rhuna, Tahir, Azrael, Aubesque, and Aithusa. A Young Bison is targeted with Aquilo landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez host the packs 44th meeting!
- Aubesque is promoted to Assessment!
- Aquilo is promoted to Elite Hunter!
- Aubesque is named Featured Wolf!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Vesa, Tahir, Leilani, and Rhuna. A Old Moose is targeted with Vesa landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez host the packs 43nd meeting!
- Aubesque wins the 2nd Pack Sparring Tournament featuring Tanvi, Tahir, Leilani, Azrael, and Aubesque, with Kazmarez and Tanvi as referees
- Aquilo is named Featured Member!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Leilani and Tahir. A Old Goat is targeted with Tahir landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez, Saoirse, and Vesa host the packs 42nd meeting!
- Vesa is promoted to Beta!
- Leilani and Tahir become courts!
- Leilani is promoted to Auditioning Mentor!
- Tahir is promoted to Guardian!
- Leilani is named Featured Member!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Tahir, Aithusa, Leilani, and Agro. A Caribou Fawn is targeted with Aithusa landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez and Vesa host the packs 41th meeting!
- Aithusa wins the 1st Pack Sparring Tournament featuring Tanvi, Tahir, Leilani, Aithusa, Aquilo, Kazmarez + Vesa and Kazmarez as referees
- Tahir is named Featured Member!

- Kelais leads a hunt with Vesa, Agro, Aithusa, Tahir, and Malachi. A Moose is targeted with Aithusa landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Leilani, Aithusa, Torin, and Nazareth. A Buck is targeted with Aquilo landing the killing blow!

- Saigh, Kazmarez, Vesa, and Saoirse host the packs 40th meeting!
- Saigh steps down to Elder
- Ismae, Azrael now adult members
- WolfRP LIVE is announced - coming soon!
- Saigh is named Featured Member!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Tahir, Aithusa, Kelais, Leilani, and Kazmarez. A Old Elk is targeted with Aquilo landing the killing blow!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Tahir, Leilani, Kelais, and Aithusa. A goat kid is targeted with Aithusa landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez, Vesa, and Saoirse host the packs 39th meeting!
- Tahir is promoted to Member!
- Siku is promoted to Member!
- Leilani is named Featured Member!
- Pack has moved to the summer hollow!!

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Aithusa, Siku, Hawke, and Tahir. A moose is targeted with Aithusa landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez hosts the packs 38th meeting!
- Tahir has begun Assessment!
- Hawke is named Featured Member!

- Vesa gives birth to three pups! Kladd`atir welcomes Arlo, Juniper, and Lilac!

- Kazmarez, Saoirse, Vesa hosts the packs 37th meeting!
- Aquilo and Aithusa become mates!
- Torin is promotes to Member!
- Tanvi is named Featured Member!

- Kelais leads a hunt with Aquilo, Aithusa, and Torin. An Elk targeted with Torin landing the killing blow.

- Aquilo leads a hunt with Kelais, Trystian, Nazareth, and Hawke. A caribou is targeted and Hawke lands the killing blow.

- Vesa hosts the packs 36th meeting!
- Vesa announces she is with pups!
- Aquilo is promoted to Hunter!
- Siku has begun Assessment!
- Torin has begun Assessment!

- Kazmarez hosts the packs 35th meeting!
- Ismae is promoted to pack pup!
- Leilani is promoted to Reserve!
- Aquilo switches his audition from Guardian to Hunter
- Rhuna and Maester's courtship is dissolved.
- Aquilo is named Featured Member.
- Maester is removed from the pack.

- Trisaea leads a hunt with Thanh, Aithusa, Kelais, Aquilo, Leilani and Agro. An old bison is targeted and Aquilo lands the killing blow.
- Thanh and Trisaea take their leave from the pack to seek out new adventures. We wish them luck!

- Small OOC meeting #35 is held with Saigh Hosting.
- Discussions regarding event times, and upcoming anniversary lore night.

- Many LOAs at the moment, please bare with us as we await the return of many from end of summer vacations and those preping for the new school year!

- Saoirse and Vesa host the packs 34th meeting!
- Discussions: Reopening Recuitment, Pack Birthday setup, Council responsibilities, elaborated mentor responsiblities, new Caretaker bot features.
- Kelais is named Featured Member!
- Ismae and Kauji begin Assessment!
- Malachai is promoted to Pup!
- Kelais is reinstated as Hunter!
- Aquilo begins auditioning for Guardian!
- Leilani joins Reserves!
- Aquilo and Leilani become spirit siblings!
- Aquilo and Aithusa being courting!

- Trisaea leads a hunt after an Elk with Thanh, Aithusa, Tanvi, Agro and Kelais to assist. The elk is taken down with Trisaea landing the killing blow. Well done hunters!

- Zaephrus departs from the pack. We wish him well on his journeys and hopes he will continue to visit from time to time.

- Kelais and Saoirse set out on a small hunt after a goat kid. Saoirse lands the killing blow!
- Kelais is cleared to resume pack hunts, finally healed from her injuries!

- Saigh and Vesa host the 33rd part 2 meeting!
- Discussion/Featured repeated.
- Gunnolf, Vidarr and Malachi begin assessment
- Rhuna and Maester begin formally courting!
- Vesa and Agro become mates!

- Saoirse hosts the 33rd part 1 meeting!
- Discussion regarding hunting and upcoming bot features.
- Aquilo is named Featured Member.
- Zaephrus begins assessment.
- Aquilo and Lelani advance to Subordinate.
- Xiodax begins auditioning for Hunter.
- Hawke advances to Caretaker!
- Aithusa advances to Guardian!

- The pack puts the finishing touches of settling into the Summer Hollow, enjoying the warmth and sunshine in peace!

- Kazmarez leads a hunt with Agro, Aquilo and Leilani. The hunters targeted a deer fawn and successfully brought it down! Well done!

- Kazmarez and Saigh host the 32nd part 2 meeting!
- Discussion regarding the renaming of 'Packmate' to reserves, and unveiling of the new forum with thanks to Vesa, Saoirse and Kazmarez.
- Day`lali begins assessment
- Thanh and Trisaea are promoted to hunter and begin courting.
- Azrael is introduced to the pack.
- The pack makes the journey back to the Summer Hollow where Rhuna and Nuala find yet another crate!!! Two more pups have been left! Welcome Gunnolf and Vidarr.

- Guardians are set out to the Summer Hollow to begin renovations in preperation for the packs return!!

- Two hunts are held Vesa leads the first with Hawke, Aithusa, Saoirse, Aquilo, Tanvi, Thanh, and Trisaea pursuing an Elk Cow. Thanh landing the killing blow. Trisaea leads the second with Vesa, Hawke, Aithusa, Saoirse, Aquilo, Tanvi, Thanh and Syn in pursuit of a Bison. The large hunting party targets a Bison and successfully takes the beast down, Vesa dealing the killing blow.
- Kelais, Xiodax, Saorise and Hawke come across yet another crate, this time containing two more pups. A male, Malachi and female, Caora.

- Kazmarez and Vesa host the 32nd part 1 meeting!
- Discussion regarding some rule updates/changes/additions, rank adjustments, upcoming plots and consequences of joining under different names.
- Tanvi is made featured member and assumes the rank of Caretaker.
- Aquilo and Lelani begin their assessment.
- Otsoko advances to subordinate.
- Syn begins auditioning for Hunter.

- Vesa leads a hunting party consisting of Aithusa and Aquilo. Though before the hunt could start, they stumble across a strange object in the forest. A crate. Much to their suprise, the crate contained three young pups! Welcome to Kladd`atir Rivkah, Ismae and Elodie.

- Thanh leads a hunt with Trisaea, Tanvi, Vesa, Saoirse and Hawke. Despite a rough start with the first two targets escaping, a successful hunt was completed, an Old Elk was taken down by the hunters, Hawke dealing the killing blow.

- Trisaea leads a hunt in pursuit of an Elk with Thanh, Syn, Otsoko, Tanvi, Trystian and Hawk. Thanh lands the killing blow and the cache is full once more! Well done hunters!!

- Saigh and Vesa host the 31st meeting!
- Discussions regarding activity, introduction of pup-sitters subrank, upcoming plots and language limits.
- Maester and Kelais are demoted to packmate.
- Aithusa is made featured member!
- Otsoko begins assessment.
- Hawke begins auditioning for Caretaker
- Aithusa begins auditioning for Guardian
- Rhuna is made a pup-sitter
- Kazmarez is reinstated as Alpha Male

- Kazmarez leads a hunt with Otsoko, Aithusa, Hawke, Volke, in persuit of a Young Deer. The hunters successfully kill the beast, Volke landing the killing blow!

- Talasi and Anya have chosen to leave the pack and join her older sister Kivanuu in her travels. We wish her well!

- With the combined efforts of Agro, Saoirse, Kelais, Hawke and Kivanuu, the Nusery Den has been prepped for use! Saigh and Kazmarez move Azrael to the Nursery and take up residency there.

- Vesa leads a hunt, targeting a moose with Kazmarez, Thanh, Aithusa, Hawke, Tristian and Siku. The hunters are successful and Hawke deals a killing blow. Feast!!

A welcome suprise!! Saigh has given birth to a single male pup! Welcome to the world Azrael Vae Atradico!

Saoirse leads a hunt with Rhuna, Thanh, Aithusa, Trisaea, Kazmarez, Xiodax in persuit of a Caribou. The hunters successfully kill the beast, Sao landing the killing blow!

- Kazmarez and Vesa the Meeting #30 part 1
- Discussion regarding clarification on the "Closed Assessment" which will now be referred to as "Closed Recruitment".
- Aithusa and Hawke become full members of the pack.
- Rhuna is made Guardian.
- Featured Member is announced as Hawke.
- Alina, Theron and Akera are removed for inactivity

- Kelais calls a hunt! With a large hunting party consisting of Kazmarez, Saoirse, Vesa, Agro, Thanh, Trisaea, Talasi and Tanvi, the hunters target a bear. Damages were sustained all around but in the end the bear fell, Talasi landing the killing blow.

- Kazmarez and Sao the Meeting #29 part 2
- Discusions from part 1.
- Syn and Freyja join the pack as full memebers.
- Tanvi begins training for caretaker.
- Lindin is removed from the pack as he returns to his birth family.
- Lindin and Saoirse's mateship is dissolved.

- Meeting #29 part 1 is held!
- Discussion: Closing assessment, Pup Player sign ups, Discussion content, and being respectful of all council members.
- Saoirse is named featured member
- Aithusa and Hawke begin Assessment
- The pups are welcomed as adults to the pack! Anya, Talasi and Tanvi enter packmate while Trisaea and Thanh begin their auditions as hunters.
- Xiodax becomes a member of the pack.
- Xiodax and Kelais begin courting.
- New bot features: -huntstats, critical hits can now be made by both wolf and prey and you can now attempt to dodge prey attacks.

- With the packs growing numbers, another hunt is issued. Kelais leads Saoirse, Trisaea and Agro in persuit of a bison. Though the beast faught hard, the wolves won!

- Two hunts take place in perparation for the end of winter. Thanh, Trisaea and Tanvi pariticapte in their first hunts along with the adults. Kelais leading with Kazmarez, Trystian, Xiodax, Lindin, and Vesa. Each playing their part in two hunts, one in pursuit of a Buck in which Thanh delivered the killing blow and the second an Elk whose last breath was taken by Lindin. The pack shall feast!

- A very happy birthday to the Atradico pups!!! Welcome to adulthood Talasi, Trisaea, Anya, and Tanvi!!!!!

1.30. 16
- Happy birthday to Thanh!!

- Meeting #28 is held!
- Discussion regarding suggestions, roll call, bot updates, event signups and character updates. - New years brings us to starting anew and cleaning house of MIA characters. The following players are removed for inactivity and may return in the event they can be active: Daevyr, Tundra, Essa.
- Frost has chosen to follow her younger sister out into the great unknown, remaining an honored guest of Kladd`atir. - Nuala is placed on LOA and demoted to packmate until she returns.
- Kazmarez steps down to Beta.
- Vesa is promoted to Gamma.
- Agro is promoted to Elite Caretaker.
- Freyja, Syn and Iremia begin Assessment
- The courtship between Nazareth and Raejin as well as Trystain and Essa is dissolved. - Vesa and Agro begin courtship.

- Raejin departs from the pack. We wish him well on future endeavors.

- Happy New Year!!!

- Saigh and Saoirse have returned!!

- A holiday hunt was held! Feast for the pack has caught a red nosed reindeer! (Sorry Santa!)

- Happy Howl-o-days!!!

- Meeting #27 is held!
- Discussion regarding acceptable breeding season behavior and Leave of absenses during the holidays.
- Raejin is promoted to Guardian in Training
- Trystian is made featured member

- With snowfall increasing, the pack moves to the Winter Hollow deep in the forest, away from the steep mountainside.

- As the first snows begin to fall, the pack begins preperations to move to the winter hollow.

- Meeting #26 is held!
- Discussion about holiday activity as well as character stats.
- Maester is promoted to Caretaker.
- Essa is promoted to Mentor.
- Thanh completes his assessment and becomes a memeber.
- Vesa is named featured member.

- Saigh remains on LOA and apologizes for the delay in website updates.

- Kelais leads a hunt, targeting an old doe. Agro, Vesa and Trystain assist and the hunt is successful!

- Happy Howl-o-ween from Kladd`atir!

- Kivanuu returns for a visit. Theron chooses to leave with his big sister to join her on her adventures.

- Meeting #25 Part 2 is held!
- Breif follow up to the meeting on the 18th.
- Agro is named Featured Member

- Meeting #25 Part 1 is held!
- Breif discussion regarding being respectful of fellow members as well as attendance requirements.
- No promotions at this time.

- Since everyone came to the first meeting, the second meeting is cancelled.
- Kel leads a hunt with Kazmarez, Chisu, Agro and Raejin. Tanvi tags along to observe. The hunting party pursues a deer and Agro makes the killing blow! Well done hunters!!!
- Kivanuu has left the pack.

- Meeting #24 Part 1 is held!
- Discussion regarding rank adjustments. Pledge is removed, Sentry is merged with Guardian, Tracker is merged with Hunter, Elites are no longer council, Leads are now Gammas and are a stand alone council rank.
- Orizal and Khal are removed due to inactivity.
- Daevyr and Thanh begin assessment.
- Nazareth and Nuala shift over to Guardian.
- Frost continues auditioning for Guardian.
- Raejin is demoted to packmate.
- Lindin is shifted to Gamma.
- Saoirse is promoted to Beta!
- Tanvi is named Featured Member!

- Happy 2 year anniversary Kladd`atir!!!
- A lore is held in honor of the pack, see contributions on the forum!

- Welcome back Daevyr!!
- Nalani leaves the pack.
- September packmeetings scheduled!
- Lorenight scheduled in honor of the packs 2nd birthday!

- Meeting #23 Part 2 is held!
- Teufiniel, Otsoko, Eote and Nakara are removed for inactivity.
- Essa and Trystian begin courting!
- Akera completes her assessment and joins the pack!
- Lindin is promoted to Lead Guardian!
- Kelais is promoted to Beta!

- Meeting #23 Part 1 is held!
- Discussion regarding cause of the server move, Guides, Kladd`atir's birthday celebration, introducing alternate characters and server down time.
- Maester is promoted to Packmember!
- Rhuna begins auditioning for Guardian
- Essa is named featured member!

- Kelais leads a hunt with Saigh, Nazareth, Rhuna and Chisu to assist. The hunting party targeted a Moose in which put up a valient effort but in the end was taken, Kelais landing the killing blow.

- The pack moves from irc.sorcery.net to irc.wolfrp.net if you have any problems with the transition, please contact a council member!

- Meeting #22 Part 2 is held!
- Nazareth is promoted to Sentry!
- Agro is named featured memeber for his strong return to activity and committment to the pack! Well done Agro!
- At the end of the meeting, the pack gathers and makes the journey together back to their Summer Hollow!

- Meeting #22 Part 1 is held!
- Discussion: Being on othe sites as well as IRC, submitting LOAs/New LOA bot feature, name status, upcoming return to the Summer Hollow.
- Rhuna discontinues her audition for Mentor and returns to packmate.
- Khal is removed from the rank of Guardian and returned to packmate until activity can improve.
- Nuala is promoted to Sentry!

- After months of tracking the scents of a small band of Coyotes it was finally determined that they had settled in the Summer Hollow, taking up residencey in the alphas former den. Saigh, Nazareth, Nuala and Lindin set off to reclaim the Summer Hollow. A small alteraction occured, minor injuries sustained but the coyotes were driven off. The Summer Hollow is Kladd`atir's once again and preperations are made for the pack to return.

- Kivanuu leads her first hunt with Raejin and Nuala to assist. After having followed the track of an already injured moose the three wolves launch an all out relentless assult, slowly but surely wearing the beast down until the kill is made! Nuala making the final killing blow!

- Happy Independance Day to our American woofles!

- Happy Canada Day to our Canadian woofles!

- Meeting #21 Part 2 is held!
- Nazareth and Raejin begin courting.
- Lindin and Saoirse become mates.
- Maester, Teunifel, and Nakara begin assessment.
- Saoirse is promoted to Lead Huntress.

- Meeting #21 Part 1 is held!
- Discussion regarding upcoming bot changes, character updates, open assessment/training and OOC/PM content.
- For his outstanding performance and dedication to keeping the roleplay flowing! Always making an effort to be on and active and ready to Roleplay with anyone and everyone! Raejin is named Featured Member!
- Akera begins her Assessment!
- Chirp advances to packmember!
- Rhuna and Essa begin auditioning for Mentor
- Nuala begins auditioning for Sentry
- Vesa is promoted to Caretaker!

- Lorenight is held!! The participants were put into groups of people they do not typically interact with to better get to know one another!! Great work everywolf!

- Kelais leads a hunt in persuit of a young boar with Lindin and Vesa to assist. The hunting party is successful and the pack shall feast!
- A Bot Guide has been created to help our users with Leif's functions!
- Ghost, under all names and IP addresses has been banned from Kladd`atir and all its channels/forums/social medias for insubordination and failure to conduct himself appropriately.

- Meeting #20 is held!
- Discussion regarding attendance expectations, upcoming events, Recruitment, training for recruitment, and contact.
- Nazareth is named Featured Member! Not only for massive activity (I can't remember a day she wasn't online asking to rp) but also initiating rp, and stepping in to fill the gap while lots were on LOA. Congratulations Nazareth!
- Rhuna is promoted to full packmember!
- Raejin begins auditioning for Tracker!
- Nalani is granted the rank of Huntress!
- Trystain resigns from Caretaker and returns to packmate to pursue other rank oppertunities.
- Jaqen is removed from the pack for inactivity.
- Polls provided to find the best Days and Times for pack events!

- Saigh leads a hunt with Kazmarez, Kivanuu, Trystain, Raejin, Nazareth and Saoirse in persuit of a young caribou. Kazmarez and Kivanuu assist in holding back the rest of the small herd while Saigh and Tryst seperate the youngster from the others leading it right into an ambush where the others began their assult, Nazareth landing the killing blow. Well done hunters!!

- Sentries report that a small band of coyotes have been scented entering and leaving the territory borders periodically. The smaller canines pose little threat to the pack, but everyone should remain on guard due to the pups.

- Packlife is quiet and content as the weather begins to shift. The territory is becoming one large mudpile! Snow melts mix with the thawing soil, leaving a muddy mess!

- Meeting #19 is held!
- Discussion regarding the new site, upcoming Lore, and beginning of a new plot.
- Vesa is made Featured Member for her contributions to the forum!
- Ghost, Genisis, Anasin, Kalani, Alaska and Lynix are removed.
- Saoirse is promoted to Elite Huntress!
- Lindin is promoted to Elite Guardian!
- Vesa begins auditioning for the rank of Caretaker!
- Nuala and Raejin are accepted into the pack as members!

- Saigh leads a hunt with Raejin, Saoirse, Alaska and Vesa in persuit of an Old Caribou. The creature gives the hunting party a run for their money but in the end is killed, Raejin landing the killing blow! Well done hunters!

- Kelais leads a hunt with Saoirse, Rhuna, Khal, Nazareth and Alaska. The hunting party issuccessful in taking down a caribou with our Lead Huntress making the final blow!

- The pack bids fairwell to our friend Arkiiv and wish him the best of luck! We will welcome him back with open paws whenever a time comes that he should return!

- Saoirse leads a hunt after an Old Caribou with Lindin, Nazareth, Vesa and Tundra to assist! Lindin lands the killing blow and the cache is filled!

- A makeup meeting is held for those unable to attend the one on 2/28!
- Nazareth begins auditioning for Sentry
- Vesa celebrates her birthday! Now as an adult, she is promoted to packmember.
- Saoirse and Lindin adopt Vesa as their daughter!

- Meeting #18 is held!
- Discussion regarding an alteration to the clone mateship rule, and behavioral interactions between characters.
- Saigh is made Featured member!
- Frost and Kivanuu are welcomed into the pack as adults!
- Frost begins training as Sentry!
- Kivanuu begins training as Hunter!
- Nuala, Rhuna, Eote, Raejin and Xiodax begin Assessment.
- The newest additons to the pack are introduced! The pack finally gets to meet Talasi, Tanvi, Theron, Trisaea and Anya!
- Korra is removed for inactivity.
- After the meeting, Saoirse leads a hunt in persuit of an Old Bison, with Raejin, Rhuna, Nuala and Kivanuu to assist her. Raejin lands the killing blow!

- Saoirse leads Rhuna and Agro on a hunt in persuit of a caribou fawn. The hunt is successful, Saoirse landing the killing blow!

- The Lunakai wolves attack! Feeling their alpha has gone soft, they plot an attack without Xiodax's knowledge. While Skireen and Wreyn make a scene, Azzrael sneaks toward the alphas den with the intent of killing the pack pups and possible even the alpha female. He is foiled by Xiodax who sounds the alarm. An all out war follows between Kladd`atir and Lunakai. Many injuries are sustained but in the end, Azzrael and Skireen are dead, Kaia and Wreyn fled in defeat. Xiodax remains with Kladd`atir and Rhalo is missing (his involvment uknown). Kladd`atir has won!
- Epic turnout for the plot!! 25 wolves in attendance!!!! Log -HERE-

- It is a sad day for Kladd`atir. While scouting, Lindin discovers the corpse of the packs beloved Elder Adalwolfa. The pack mourns the loss of thier Elder, who appears to have passed peacefully in her sleep. A burial will be scheduled at a later date.

- The pack welcomes Eote as a pledge!

- Kelais leads a hunt in persuit of a moose. Nazareth, Nalanii, Saoirse, Rhuna and Arkiiv assist and the prey is taken down.

- Happy Birthday to Frost, Tundra and Kivanuu!!
- Frost and Kivanuu are promoted to packmembers!!

- Saigh gives birth and the pack welcomes Trisaea, Theron, Anya, Tanvi and Talasi

- The pack welcomes home Tundra Vae Atradico as he pledges to the pack along with Nuala and Alaska!

- Kelais leads a hunt with Xiodax, Kaia and Alaska in persuit of a young Caribou. Our hunters were successful and Alaska landed the killing blow!

- Meeting #17 is held!
- Discussion regarding the introduction of Lead Ranks and Alteration of Elite ranks, Formation of Cliques and New bot features.
- Lindin is made Featured Member!
- Kelais is promoted Lead Huntress!
- Lindin and Khal are promoted to Guardian!
- Saoirse is promoted to Huntress!
- Agro is promoted to Caretaker!
- Arkiiv and Nazareth are promoted to Packmembers!
- Livana and Orizal enters assessment!
- Saoirse and Lindin begin courting!
- Adalwolfa adopts Trystian as her son!
- The pack moves to the Winter Hollow

- After ample scouting, Saigh, Kazmarez, Saoirse and Vesa scout out a potential winter haven for the pack. The location will be announced at the meeting and the pack will begin the move.

- An avalanche traps the alphas within their den at the base of the mountain prompting a rescue mission. Saoirse and an unknown wolf named Keilani manage to dig the alphas free of thier icy tomb but it is clear the snow on the mountain is unstable. Scouting teams are being sent out ot find safer ground. --Log--
- The pack welcomes Livana and Keilani as pledges!

- Ammorez takes her leave from the pack to seek adventure beyond the mountains. We wish her luck!!!

- Saigh announces that she is with pups! The new litter will be born sometime in early-February!!!

- Happy New Years!!!
- In light of the holidays we have been lax on activity. However, with said holidays coming to a close we will be conducting an activity check over the course of January. Any wolves found to be less then acceptably active without approved LOAs will be demoted or removed as determined by the council.
- We look forward to a wonderful new year and many to come!!!

- After having found a herd of Reindeer, Saigh calls a hunt to which Ammorez, Lindin, Saoirse, Nalani and Anisan join in with Essa jumping in later on. The pack targets a stubborn female Reindeer. After many failed attempts at fleeing and putting up one hell of a fight, the beast is brought down by Anisan! Feast!!!
-Happy Howl-o-days from Kladd`atir!!!

- Kou, under all names and IP addresses has been banned from Kladd`atir for talking poorly about the pack behind our backs. She is no longer welcomed in Kladd`atir.

- Meeting #16 is held!
-OOC discussion regarding: Saigh's LOA, Upcoming Changes with ranks, bots ect, Pup players are announced and Kelais discuss's hunting attendance.
- Valdis and Aeshma take their leave from the pack.
- Nazarath and Zyphrine join Assessment.
- Lindin and Vesa are promoted to packmate and officially join Kladd`atir
- Khal and Lindin begin Auditioning for Guardian.
- Nalani and Saoirse begin Auditioning for Huntress.
- Kazmarez is named Featured Member!!!
- Happy Holidays from Kladd`atir!!!!!

- Winter is in full swing in the Hollow, and with it the breeding season!

- Kelais leads a group of hunters on an all day hunting venture. She, Ammorez, Agro, Saoirse, Xiodax, and Wreyn made attempts on an old Reindeer and a young Moose but both managed to escape the hunters grasp. Determined to get a kill in before more snowfall, the hunters try once more. This time targeting an old Moose. The beast put up a good fight, but in the end our Elite huntress Kelais landed a killing blow. Well done hunters!

- Snow has fallen!! The hollow is now dotted with piles of snow with the promise of more on the way!!
- Activity has been outstanding!! Keep up the great work everyone!!

- It is with a heavy heart that the pack bids fairwell to Rook. We wish him well on his future endevors and hope to see him around as a guest.

- After obtaining incriminating logs, it has been decided that Beldesia/Nuri/Veigh/Razan is no longer welcomed in Kladd`atir on the grounds of abandoning her packfamily and disrespecting the Alphas.

- Meeting #15 is held!
- Great turnout everyone!!! 16 Wolves present!!
- Discussion Topics: Holiday LOAs, Posting LOAs, Saigh's Pregnancy LOA, Roleplay/OOC activity, incident behavior
- Breeding season has begun!
- Assessment is opened!
- WinterHollow displayed.
- Pup player signups are open! Here - Nalani is made featured member.
- Ammorez and Aeshma begin training for Guardian.
- Agro begins training as Caretaker.
- Tryst begins training as Mentor.
- Essa begins training as Tracker.
- Nalani and Saoirse are welcomed as members of Kladd`atir.
- Chirp, Lindin and Vesa begin their assessment.

- Fabulous turn out for the Lorenight!!! Read and listen to the submissions: here.

- Kelais leads a successful hunt with Nalani and Lindin in persuit of a Deer. Finally, a feast for hungry bellies!!

- The pack welcomes Chirp and Vesa as a pledges to Kladd`atir!!
- Saigh leads a hunting party consisting of Kazmarez, Agro, Trystain, Saoirse, and Essa. Kivanuu and Vesa were permitted to tag along on the hunt and observe though Essa was left to watch them to guarentee that it did not end up being a "paws-on" experiance. The hunters target a young boar, scented by Trystain but the boar escapes. The group then targets a Deer in hopes of an easier meal but with no luck. The pack will feed on scraps for now.

- The pack welcomes Essa back from her LOA!!
- Aeshma leads a hunt with Nalani, Essa and Lindin in persit of a Moose Fawn. Despite the hunters best efforts, the Moose Fawn escapes. Better luck next time hunters!

- Reiko/Rayko/Xarro has been banned from Kladd`atir under all names and Ip addresses for failure to respect the packs rules.

- Happy Howl-o-ween from Kladd`atir!

- Kelais leads a hunting party consisting of Khal, Lindin and Saoirse. The first hunt slipped out from beweeen their paws but finally, persistance pays off. Khal lands a killing blow on a deer and the pack shall feast!

- Aeshma leads Saigh, Chirp and Nalani on a hunt in persuit of a young goat but the beast escapes before the hunt even starts. The group tries again, after a young boar but just when it looked like the wolves might have the upperhand, it escapes. For now, the pack goes hungry.

- New ranks are added!!!
- Lunakai wolves are added as guests
- The pack welcomes Lindin to pledge as he awaits assessment to reopen

- Meeting #14 is held!
- Amazing turnout!!! 22 total wolves present!!!
- Discussions include: Update on server switch, Event attendance, Character behavior and Character Sheet Updates.
- Upcoming Lorenight date and theme announced!
- Khal is named featured member!
- Trystian officially joins the pack!
- Korra, Nalani, Genesis and Saoirse begin their Assessment!
- Assessment is closed.

- The pack welcomes Nalani!

- Kelais leads a hunt with Rook and Trystain both males were taken out of the hunt and it looked like the pack would go hungry until Xiodax stepped in. He and Kelais worked together and were able to bring down the doe. Well done hunters!

- The pack welcomes Genesis and Korra as our newest Pledges!

- Arya and Slone are removed due to inactivity and may rejoin when they have more time to devote to the pack.
- Essa and Otsoko are demoted to Packmate

- Happy 1 year anniversary to Kladd`atir
- A lorenight is held in honor of the pack's birthday, see the member Testimonials

- The Bachelor group has decided to linger within the packs lands. While granted the ability to, it is made clear that they are not to be trusted.

- Plot log Here
- A stampeed of Elk is caused by a group of male wolves who seemingly unintentionally lead the heard right into the hollow. Saigh and Ammorez are rescued by the reinging wolves of the bachelor pack but despite the rescue, it was they who started the stampeed to begin with. The Bachelor pack offers to help Kladd`atir by sticking around to help right the wrong they caused.

- Meeting #13 is held!
- Discussion regarding activity expectations, roleplay motivation, posting quality, the packs birthday lore, and the hunting script edits.
- Assessment is officially reopened!!
- Polls are put up for Server Options and Event Time/Day Choices.
- Ghost is named featured member
- Aeshma, Essa begin training as Hunters.
- Rook begins trianing as a Mentor.
- Agro and Ghost are made an official member of Kladd`atir.
- Arkiiv, Valdis and Trystian begin their Assessment.
- Gareth has left the pack for the second time and is no longer welcomed to return to assessment.
- Zephyra is removed due to inactivity and may return when she can be more attentive.
- Slone and Gareth's courtship is disolved. 09.01.14
- After careful concideration we have decided to move the pack back over to the sorcery server. If you use the webchat, simply connect as you would normally. If you use IRC type /server irc.sorcery.net and connect to the packs same channels.

- Saigh leads a hunt with Argo and Khal in persuit of a deer. The deer faught hard and after inflicting many wounds upon the wolves, escapes. The hunting party tries again with the addition of Essa and Arkiiv. Persuing the same deer the wolves launch an all out assult. It nearly escaped again but was blocked by Essa. In a last attempt to save its own life it attempted to flee once more but was headed off by Saigh just before Essa lands the killing blow.
- We also got a couple funny Bloopers out of it! Read them here

- Happy birthday Adalwolfa (wolf and human)

- Sentries are being sent out to the badlands to invistigate what might have gotten Kazmarez.
- We welcome our newest pledges: Valdis and Trystian

- Happy birthday to Aeshma (human) and Saigh (wolf)!

- Meeting #12 is held!
- Discussions regarding Activity and Return of the mentor rank, character profiles, idling and channels, and closure of the Sentry rank.
- Kazmarez id reinstated as Alpha Male and it is revealed that he has been injured but healed by the humans, baring only a slight injury to his leg that will heal with time and rest. He also brings news of the pups lost in the Ordeal. His brother GhostPaws has taken them, and others under his wing, or rather paw and they have formed a pack of their own in captivity.
- Rook, Aeshma and Essa are welcomed as full members of the pack
- Assessment is reopened; Ghost and Agro begins thier journey with Kladd`atir.

- Kazmarez returns to Kladd`atir!! Log Here

- Kelais leads a hunt with Saigh, Ammorez, Agro, Trystian, and Essa in persuit of a large, lone bison. The beast faught hard for its life, but in the end lost, Agro making the final blow!

- Lorenight is held! Read the submissions -here- - The pack welcomes our newest pledge, Arkiiv!

- The cause of the foliage damage has become known! Hundreds of butterflies in every size, shape and color have taken flight! Having matured from hungry caterpillars to adult butterflies!

It seems the devistation of the foliage has come to a rather abrupt halt. The damage is no longer spreading as if its attacker had suddenly vanished... 07.08.14
- The foliage damage has begun to spread, effecting plants far and wide! Concern begins as the pack wonders if the prey animals will migrate to find better food sources. Hunters are told to monitor the herds.

- Kelais leads a pack hunt in persuit of a Moose. Despite many disadvantages, the beast was finally killed by the Elite huntress herself! Well done hunters!

- Meeting #11 is held!
- Discussion regarding Activity, Character Ammendments, Rank Adjustments, Realism in regards to size of characters, plots, leaving roleplay sessions, Assessment being Closed, New Forum and profile updates and upcoming Lorenights.
- Featured Member: Rook.
- Aeshma, Arya, Essa, and Rook enter Assessment.
- Jaqen enters the pack as a whelp.
- Khal is promoted to Packmate.
- Kelais and Otsoko begin their courtship!
- Volkun and Verloren are removed due to inactivity.

- It is noted that there is sevear damage occuring to the foliage near the wildwood. For now it seems contained to only the one area but the sentries are told to keep an eye out.

Haezani returns to the pack for a visit. Achaikos and Aeima choose to follow their mother, departing from Kladdatir. Kelais leads a group of hunters consisting of Saigh, Ammorez, Kou, Essa and Rook, in persuit of an Elk. Many sustain injuries but the beast is eventually killed. Kou landing the life ending blow!

A lorenight is held. Many share their favorite roleplay moments! Read the entries Here

Many new faces appear within the territory. It is now public knowledge that Kazmarez is missing and most assume he has been taken by the humans. Saigh refuses to give up the search and leaves periodically to search for her lost mate. 06.10.14
A cache site has been located and prepped by the lake. The search for the missing alpha male continues. His scent has been tracked well into the woods but then suddenly disappears.

Kazmarez has not returned from a scouting venture. Saigh tries to keep everyone calm as the realization slowly comes to everyone that their alpha male is missing.

- Meeting #10 is held! Log Coming Soon!
- Discussion regarding pack involvement in nominations, Heirarchy in character, Ammendments to the spiritual bonds rules as well as clone rules, as well as plans for upcoming Lorenights.
- The pack moves servers from Sorcery.net to AtomixIRC.net
- Ammorez is promoted to Elite Sentry!
- Kelais is promoted to Elite Huntress!
- Kou begins training for Sentinel!
- Otsoko begins training for Sentry!
- Slone is reinstated as Caretaker!
- Gareth is reinstated as Packmate!
- Adalwolfa steps down to Elder!
- Khal, Jaqen and Zephyra begin Assessment!
- Kou renounces her spirit bond to Etinette.
- Frost is made Featured Member!

-Kelais lead a hunt last night with Saigh, Otsoko, Thanatos, Zephyra, and Ammorez in pursuit of a deer. The hunt was successful! The cache is now filled!

- The pack begins to flurish once more with the arrival of new wolves.
- Everywolf has begun getting settled, digging and claiming dens while the territory is marked out.
- Kelais leads a hunt with Otsoko and Saigh and successfully take down a doe.

- Stricken with grief, Haezani and Timur forfeit their ranks and leave in search of the lost pups and packmembers in hopes of finding some trace of them. Caskra follows them unwilling to let his parents out of his sight while Aiema and Achaikos choose to stay with the pack. The pair promise to return often to visit but will not give up on their search.

- Meeting #9 is held!
- Disucssions regarding the bot, new territory, recruiting, character updates as well as roleplaying with everyone.
- Ammorez is promoted to Sentry.
- Kou is advanced to packmember.
- Cyote is given Honored Guest status in the pack.
- Slone is demoted to Packmate until her LOA is complete.

- The plot concludes. A helicopter soars over the territory, two-leggers shooting tranquilizer darts. Once all the wolves are darted the humans emerge, and capture the remaining young. Everywolf is then analyed, the alphas and beta are radio collared and all the wolves are placed in crates. Most are loaded back onto the helicopter, 3 are loaded onto the back of a truck. These crates. Containing Senan, Nuri, as well as four of the packs pups - Veigh, Avdotya, Ekaitz, and Tundra are being taken to a research facility to be placed elsewhere. The others make a quick 24 hour trip to their new home in Glacier National Park's GoatHaunt area where they are to become the subject of an uninvasive research project. Welcome to your new home: -Link-.

- The pack awakes to find 2 metal crates, surrounded by footprints in the snow. One by the lake and the other in the center of the clearing with the same strange scent as the campsite before. The pack is leary of these shiny dens.

- Kelais calls a hunt in persuit of a Moose Calf. The beast put up a valiant attempt for its life but in the end, it was defeated, Saigh dealing the final blow. Minor injuries all around but the cache has been filled!

- Patrols have been increased due to the unnerving findings of yet more strange prints all over the territory border. Ammorez, Timur and Adalwolfa located an abandoned campsite where humans had obviously been. Vague reminants of their passing lay all around. Begs still in the earth where their tent was once pitched, a circle of stones that contains charred wood, and a glove, stinking of human scent. Its evidant that the humans are getting closer. Everyone is ordered to stay nearby the hollow unless patrolling in pairs.

- Ammorez, Timur and Casanova located some strange prints in the snow, like none they have ever seen. The tracks barely touched into the territory before rounding back on themselves and mysteriously stopping abruptly in a clearing where the snow seemed disheveled. While the tracks did not lead far into the territory it would be easy to ignore them... but everyone should remain vigilant, just in case!

- Meeting #8 is held!
- Discussion regarding Idling, OOC topic content, alteracations, poaching attempts, bot use, and upcoming plot.
- Ammendment made to the Clone rules - see Rules for more information.
- Adalwolfa is named Featured Memeber.
- Kelais is promoted to Hunter.
- Adal begins training for Sentry.
- Casanova completes her assessment and is promoted to Packmate.
- Zygo and Kou begin their assessment.
- Lindin and Keira are removed.

- Kelais leads a hunt in persuit of a Mountain Goat. The hunt was successful with Lindin landing the final blow! The cache is now full!

- Meeting #7 is held!
- Discussion: Praise for Activity, Recruitment is Opened, Recruitment Training Seminar to be scheduled.
- Senan is made Featured Member!
- The pups are introduced to the pack!
- Adalwolfa, Otsoko and Senan finish their assessment and become full members of the pack!
- Casanova begins her Assessment!
- Kazmarez leads a hunt in persuit of a Bighorn Sheep with Saigh, Haezani, Timur, Senan and Cyote. Cyote landed the killing blow! 46 portions of Sheep have been added to the cache.

- The pups are ready to leave the den for short moments under strict parental guidance and if your lucky, you may be able to catch a few words out of them!

- A lorenight is hosted and was a huge hit! Thank you everyone for attending! If you missed it, here is the Log.
- Larka is banned from the packs Out of Character channel and may only particpate in roleplay sessions In Character.

- New website is launched!
- New Channel names are chosen! IC: #Kladdatir | #Hollow
- The pups are now 4 weeks old and can leave the den in a week or so!

- Saigh leads a hunt with Cyote, Falko, Kiera and Nuri. A badger is targeted and the hunting party is successful! Kiera deals the final blow and 100 portions are added to the cache!

- We welcome visitors from a neighboring pack Cyote and Flako!
- Kiera wanders into our territory
- Saigh has been working on a new site layout that will go live in a week or so!

- Pack Meeting #6 is held!
- Discussions regarding edits to the rules, pup player information, character updates, clarification on the ranking processes, channel names, and upcoming Meet and Greet Lorenight. - Nuri is promoted to Packmate
- Otsoko begins his assessment.
- Sil and Nightflair are removed from the pack due to inactivity.

- We welcome back former Earthensong member Otsoko!

- Haezani gives birth to three females and two males! Welcome to the world Aiema, Avdotya, Veigh, Achaikos and Caskra!

- Saigh gives birth to three males and two female pups. Welcome into the world Ekaitz, Tundra, Frost, Verloren and Kivanuu!

- Jaci and Kenai have arrived in the Hollow.
- The pack begins prepping the Whelping den.
- A new channel is added to the list #NurseryCave, Pups Only

- Kelais leads a successful hunt. She and her hunters return with a Deer!
- Lorenight is Scheduled! Mark your calenders!
- Vashadura has returned but is under construction. Some features may not work at this time.

- Pack Meeting #5 is held.
- Discussion on activity expectations for the new year
- Discussion about the bot and its functions
- A notice to those playing Secondary Characters about activity
- Discussion regarding posting time and productivity
- Notice of upcoming lorenight remember to Sign Up
- Saigh announces both her and Haezani's pregnancies and lifts the restrictions of entering the forest alone now that the cougars seemed to have passed.
- Slone is promoted to Caretaker in Training.
- Nuri and Lindin begin their assessment.
- Gareth, Takoda and Kyrie are removed for inactivity.

Happy New Year!

- Ammorez and Kaine dissolve their courtship and Kaine decides to return to his birth pack and leaves Kladd`atir.
- Haezani and Saigh have found out they are with pups!
- Linden pledges himself to the pack.

- Happy Holidays from Kladd`atir!

- The pack holds an Out of Character Lorenight with the theme "Holiday Season"
- Nuri presents a story in which each of us gets to add to
- Slone shares her favorite christmas carols, three drawings and a holiday memory.
- Mystic shares a short story
- Kelais shares a family tradition and a holiday memory.
- Inferno suggests ornaments for Slone's drawing and presents a poem.
- Saigh presents a drawing and holiday tradition/memory
- View all Lore Presentations in the Lore Caves

- Tensions run high within the pack. The Breeding Season takes its toll on both the males and females within the pack, putting everywolf on edge.
- The pack welcomes Inferno, Nuri and Nightflair.
- A hunt is lead by Saigh in persuit of a Moose. NightFlair makes the final blow!
- A Lorenight is scheduled for Monday, December 16th at 6pm PST. The theme is "Holiday Season you can present anything you'd like your favorite holiday song, a memory, a tradition, artwork, poems, whatever you'd like - just remmeber that credit needs to be given to your sources. The Lore will be held Out of Character so it does not have to be wolf related. All are welcomed to attend.

12.03.13 Meeting #4 is held! OOC Discussion regarding the need for openess and honesty from members about their thoughts and feelings to avoid future problems, Definition of Semi-Realism reiterated to remind others that while the pack is mostly realistic, we have wiggle room, Requirement of roleplay if active in the Out Of Character Channel, Breeding Season Behavior, Minimum joining age of 14 years old is put in place, future overhaul of the rules, recruitment is closed, secondary characters availible beginning in February, and Slone is made featured member. The pack is invited to join NortherDawn for a "Winter Wonderland" themed lorenight on December 7th @ 6EST. Kelais begins training as a Hunter, Ammorez begins training as a Sentry and Slone completes her assessment and becomes a member of the pack. Senan and Adalwolfa begin their assessment with the pack and by decision of the council Kyrie is demoted to Sikla for reassessment and Xero is removed from the pack entirely for inactivity.
Meeting #4 Log - -HERE-

11.28.13 Happy Thanksgiving from Kladd`atir!!!!!!

11.23.13 A welcome distraction from the Cougar threat - Snow has come to the Hollow, leaving it in a winter wonderland state!

11.15.13 In light of the recent cougar attacks, Serenia departs from Kladd`atir to find her brother Alastar, fearing he may be out in the forests alone. Takoda remains with the pack and their courtship is severed. Adalwolfa and Senan pledge themselves to the pack and Kyrie is reinstated as a Whelp of the pack.

11.06.13 Discussion over the current plot, revised holiday activity, bot and website updates, recruitment competition begins, and importance of being in the roleplay channel at all times is stressed. Timurs rank as Sentry is solidified, Kaine recieves certification as Mentor and begins training for Shaman. Serenia receives certification as Shaman and begins training as a mentor. Xero, Ellowyn and Kyrie have been moved to Sikla due to inactivity. They have until the next meeting to improve before removal. Kaine and Ammorez begin courting while Kazmarez and Saigh as well as Timur and Haezani seal their courtship and become mates. After the meeting, a hunt was called. Saigh lead the pack in persuit of a moose. Just as they took their positions to begin the hunt, a female cougar blatently startled the target and sauntered off without even persuing it, thwarting the packs hunting attempts. Kaz leads a group to persue the feline whle the rest of the pack starts another hunt and manages to bring down a deer, Sil delivering the final blow.
Meeting #3 Log - -HERE-

10.31.13 Happy Halloween!!!! The Website receives a facelift!

10.30.13 Council meeting is held and it is determined that Timur and Kyrie are not active enough to maintain their council positions. Kyrie remains a whelp and Timur is moved to the rank of Sentry. Hercules is removed for inactivity. A plotline is formed and will begin on Wednesday November 6th at 6pm. A thread has been made on the Discussion portion of the forum for Breeding and Puppy Player Applications. Touch up on bot commands as well as forum thread posting. Recruitment is open in hopes of finding some new players!

10.17.13 Meeting is Held! Disscussion Topics: Cliques, Holiday Activity, Breeding Season, Forum Updates and Uses, and modifications to the Sikla Rank. Haezani is made Featured Member. Ammorez, Kelais and Gareth conclude their assessment and become members of the pack while Slone and Sil enter assessment. Hercules is moved to Sikla due to inactivity and Korrah leaves the pack. Slone and Gareth are granted permission to be courts.
Meeting #2 Log - -HERE-

10.06.13 Things settle down as the wolves get acclimated to their new home. Kazmarez leads a hunt in persuit of a large elk. Gareth makes the killing blow and the Elk is brought back to the cache. The pack welcomes Slone as our newest pledge and Alastar leaves Kladd`atir in search of new horizons.

9.20.13 Meeting #1 - Kladd`atir's first meeting! The pack is established!!! Out of Character Discussion on Goals and Expectations for both members and council are set, Council is introduced, Modes of Communication are set, Memo of enforcing Roleplay from our guests begins after the meeting, Caution to all about the formation of Cliques among the pack, a reminder to read the rules and suggestion oppertunities for Naming the packs territory. Kazmarez and Saigh take up alphaship of the pack, with Timur and Haezani leading as betas. Takoda is given the rank of Sentry Battalion, Serenia is given the position of Caretaker Shaman along with Kaine who chooses Caretaker Mentor as his rank. Korrah is given the rank of Hunter Tracker, while Kyrie is placed in the position of whelp. Alaster chooses the rank of Sikla and Hercules, Ammorez, Kelais and Xero are named assessments. Kaz and Saigh, Timur and Haezani as well as Sereina and Takoda are named Courts. Kazmarez and Timur take each other as spirit brothers, Saigh and Haezani take one another as spiritsisters while Kazmarez and Saigh officially adopt Kyrie. Welcome all to the beginning of a legend. The birth of Kladd`atir.
Meeting #1 Log - -HERE-

Pre-Kladd - 9.17.13 Haezani leads a hunt with Ammorez and Kaine in toe. They go in persuit of a Badger. Kaine lands the killing blow and the hunt is successful!!! Meeting is scheduled for Friday night! The pack will be establishing!

Pre-Kladd - 9.8.13 On the move again, the group ventures farther. Upon reaching a beach they take a moment to enjoy themselves with a game of wavetag. The game seems to raise the moral of the group as they enter a new area. This would clearly not be the final resting place for the group but like the previous rest stops, it has all the necessities they would need. The wolves make camp just inland from the beach beneath the shelter of a variety of trees.

Pre-Kladd - 9.3.13 Serenia leads a hunt with Takoda, Korrah and Alastar in persuit of a Mountain goat. Korrah delivers the killing blow and the hunt is successful!!!

Pre-Kladd - 9.2.13 We welcome Hercules and Takoda to the group!!!

Pre-Kladd - 9.1.13 Timur and Haezani scout ahead for a suitable place for the pack. Haezani returns and leads the others to their temporary home. A large glade with soft green grass and a giant lake sets to the east of the glade as well as a wide open meadow should provide fruitful hunting. The pack can now rest comfortably as the heatwave seems to pass, giving way to lower temperatures, being alongside the lake makes it even cooler. For now, everywolf is encouraged to enjoy themselves, take a dip in the lake to keep cool and relax, while more scouts are sent out to find our next checkpoint.

Pre-Kladd - 8.30.13 The group gathers in the nearby mountains as they recover from the ordeal and hope that others find their way to them. After more then a week has passed, its been decided that they must move on and preperations are being made.

** Wolf profiles are updated

Pre-Kladd - 8.20.13 New channels are made for the group #wolfchant - OOC and #wolfhollow - IC

Pre-Kladd - 8.18.13 Timur alerts the others to a fire that has sparked in the forest. The pack focus's on getting everyone to the safety of the mountains. Timur and Larka lead the way, Korrah and Serenia assist Alastar, Haezani takes over as Kyrie's guardian momentarily when a tree falls, its branches pinning Saigh down. Kaz digs her out just in time, as the fire consumes the tree. Many made it to the Mountain retreat where Timur and Larka had lead them, but many are still missing. The fire rages on through the night and the next day and everywolf has a bad cough from the thick smoke in the air.

Pre-Kladd - 8.15.13 Saigh leads a hunt for the new area. She, Korrah, Haezani and Zariena persue a caribou, its a long fight, and the beast does not fall easily but eventually, outnumbered and over powered, the caribou gave up. Feast!

Pre-Kladd - 8.04.13 It becomes obvious that the drought is not going to let up. The foliage around the territory is withered and dried out. The stream is visibly deminishing with time and the herds have been noted as moving away, following the thin trail of usable foliage. It is decided that the pack will follow them as well. Kazmarez sends Saigh, Timur and Haezani to scout out the land ahead. Saigh to find food, Haezani to inspect the quality of the surrounding area, and Timur to find a place to relocate the pack.

Pre-Kladd - 7.29.13 Saigh leads a hunt with Kazmarez and Haezani in persuit of a badger. The In Training Tracker set out to impress, making the final blow. Feast!

Pre-Kladd - 7.15.13 Meeting is held. Changes and updates have been made to the rules, please read them. Saigh, Ghazton and Haezani are made members of the pack and offered training ranks. Haezani; Scout, Ghazton; Caretaker and Saigh; Tracker.
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